Now launched in the UK and Eire - Cyclotest Baby!

The fertility monitor ranked best value for money fertility monitor in Germany, proven to be the most reliable because of a unique feature allowing optional input of cervical mucus or LH testing, Cyclotest Baby is now available in the UK and Eire.


Cyclotest baby retails at at under 200 pounds, yet packs a greater punch then some devices that cost three time the amount. Cyclotest is a one time purchase, no further test sticks, refills or replacement sensors are ever needed. During these economically challenging times, we understand that the desire to conceive is not lessened, but the amount of money you can invest is.


Cyclotest Baby continues to offer you value after you successfully become pregnant. This revolutionary device can also provide you with a 100% natural contraception plan. In the same way it told you when you were most fertile so you could plan sex around those times, when you want to avoid pregnancy, you can abstain or use a barrier contraceptive during that fertile window. This means that the Cyclotest Baby enables you to conceive when you want, and avoid conception when you want, all naturally — and at extraordinary cost value.


Look around our website and learn all about cyclotest and our range of fertility products and how they really can become part of your family's future.


The Cyclotest Team